Write Your Book in 24 Hours!

Hey. I wrote a book for you—that soul out there who needs to write a book in a hurry but doesn’t know how. Yet. It’s possible to write a book in as little 24 hours.

Write Your Book in 24 Hours, available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook, was written for you.

Earlier this year, I got this crazy notion to write a book in 24 hours. And what better book to write in 24 hours than a book on writing a book in 24 hours? (You still with me?)

To tell you the truth, I felt inspired to write this book for someone. Something kept prodding me to write it. When I get that kind of prodding, I know I’ve got to take action because someone out there really wants something I have to share.

Listen: Listen to Leesa Myer’s BlogTalkRadio broadcast on how to write a book in 24 hours (airs Thursday, September 5 at 12:00 noon MDT but you can listen to the recording after that).

(I feel this more often about blog posts. I sometimes feel compelled to write them on a certain topic at a certain time. And when I get a comment like, “This is just what I needed to hear,” it’s a confirmation that I was motivated by a positive power outside of and beyond myself.)

Follow the directions in this book and you will outline, dictate (that’s the secret sauce), compile, edit, reorganize, proofread, create a cover for, and publish your book on one platform (Kindle) in record time.

Note: You won’t write the book in 24 contiguous hours—a long day without sleep. However, you can get the job done in 24 hours of total elapsed time.

Until September 30, you can buy the book on Kindle or Nook for 99 cents.
I’m glad we found each other. Please drop me a line or two here.

(I plan to write a book from start to finish in a single, 24-hour day. I’m not there yet. That’s going to take some planning, but it’s on the bucket list. Stay tuned.)

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