Ruby Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 7.04.31 PM

I am excited to announce, finally, that the Ruby Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition is coming out next month (August 2015). It is in the final stages of production right now.

The first edition was released in July 2007, when the stable version of Ruby was 1.8.6. This new edition includes changes from 1.9 and since—it’s based on 2.2.2.

Some of the changes in the book include:

• Up-to-date method documentation for the most commonly used built-in classes and modules, such as BasicObject, Object, Kernel, String, Array, and Hash
• More extensive documentation on regular expressions
• New literal lambda syntax
• New encoding features
• Many deprecations since 1.8.7 noted
• And much more

I hope you enjoy this new edition. I like Ruby. It’s a clever language. It’s fun to learn and fun to use.

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