They Came Today: Ruby Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition

Ruby Pocket Reference, 2nd EditionThey came today. Ten copies of Ruby Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition. O’Reilly sent them to me. My wife and I got back from a camping trip and there they were, patiently waiting in front of our door.

This book was a long time coming and is overdue. The first edition came out in July 2007 and was based on 1.8.6. This edition is focused on 2.2.2. A lot happened between those versions, particularly in 1.9, which was a tectonic release. At 216 pages, this book is almost 50 pages longer that the original.

Honestly, there should have been several updates to this book along the way. But here it is, ready for business. And I am very happy. This is my eleventh technical book and I am negotiating with my publisher for number 12.

I am so happy that I am going to make you an offer. The first person to contact me here will receive a free, signed copy of the paperback book. Just leave me your mailing address and it’s yours.

P.S. Doug Learner was the winner of this drawing. Nice to meet you, Doug.

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